Learn More About Martin Archery's Bow Features

Fury XT Single Cam

We are excited to bring you this super-fast, crazy
adjustable cam, the smoothest most shock-free cam
we've ever designed. The Fury XT Cam is easily adjusted
from 35# - 70# draw weight (35# of adjustability
down from peak weight) and 24" - 30.5" draw length
while shooting at 330 feet per second. With 1/2"
incremental draw length adjustment and an adjustable
draw stop, you can key in exactly the draw, feel, valley
and wall you most desire. This cam is machined from solid
aluminum right here in Washington State with precession
speed bearings for a lifetime of friction free use.


Nitro 2.0 and 1.5 Hybrid pro Cams

Redesigned and redefined. These incredibly quick cams
fall into the Hybrid category, but are really in a class by themselves. Through years of experience with high performance hybrid cam systems, we are now able to
deliver incredible speed with a smoother gentler draw, and even less vibration or recoil. An adjustable draw stop lets
you determine the amount of let-off, while ensuring a rock solid wall. If you love the speed, then this is the cam system for you. Rotating modules allow draw length adjustment in ½" increments.


Martin Carbon Fiber STS

The new Martin STS system is engineered to make full use
of light weight and rigid carbon fiber. The easily adjustable
pivoting and extending system makes it fit on nearly all bows allowing anyone to take advantage of this advanced String Suppressing System.


Martin STS

The Martin STS system is very effective at preventing vibration without adversely affecting arrow speed.


Integrated VEM Silencing Arrow Shelf

Quiet built right in! The shelf itself is made from
our dampening material that extends fully across
the arrow shelf to the rest mount, eliminating
any potential noise at this critical area. No more
clanking arrows or slapping from your fall-away rest.


PowerTough Limbs

Years of research and stress testing went into this advanced limb we created specifically for today's parallel limb bows. Our new hinge profile is designed to allow a heavy limb load to be dispersed over a greater area,
and a heavy duty fork design ensures greater stability.


HammerHead Bowstrings

After extensive research, we selected the
BCY Trophy material with Gore to create the best strings on the market... period. This higher priced formula delivers superior performance above all other material. Our new top secret string crafting process eliminates peep rotation and string stretch. This builds the foundation for the extremely durable serving to be securely hand tied in place.


Vibration Vortex VEM

The Patented Vibration Vortex dampening system is integrated into each riser at specific locations to
maximize their efficiency. The new Vortex utilizes a suspended weight helping it dampen more effectively
with a lighter mass.


Quick-Lock Stabilizer Mount

The Integrated Quick-Lock Stabilizer Mount uses durable steel threads (not aluminum) to provide a consitently quick and easy way to mount the stabilizer.


SaddleBack Thermal Grip

Engineered with a slim ergonomic curve, the SaddleBack Thermal grip reduces torque for a consistently accurate shot. The SaddleBack leather provides thermal protection from all temperatures. The thin flat back retains the feel of the bow against your palm. Engraved wood and leather
finish the grip for an attractive look.


Roto Limb Cup Pivoting Limb System

Our ROTO Cup secures and aligns the limb with a precision
fit. Opportunities for either forward or lateral movement are completely eliminated. Super lightweight, clean, and extremely functional.