As gentle and pleasing to the eye as it is to shoot! The Dream Catcher is one of the most beautiful bows we've ever had the pleasure of offering. Our 2012 model now incorporates a new parabolic lamination design to help eliminate limb twist.

Contrasting Shedua and Bubinga woods with accent lines
make this an absolute eye catcher. Its 60" length and
generous brace height provide very forgiving characteristics. Limbs are laminated Red Elm and include a hardwood speed
lam to provide solid performance without affecting its silky draw. Includes owner's manual, traditional rest, flemish bowstring and stringer.

Riser is made with Shedua and Bubinga. Limb core is Red Elm on the back and speed lam on the belly under clear glass.

Draw Weight: 40# - 65#
Brace Height: 7.25" - 8"
Mass Weight: 2 lb.
AMO Length: 60"