When your idea of a perfect longbow combines ageless materials with modern design, your bow is a Bamboo Viper!
We've matched full length laminates of Bamboo and Carbon Fiber for an unmatched combination of elegance and performance. A full laminate of carbon makes this bow
one of the lightest you've ever held.

Includes owner's manual, traditional rest, flemish bowstring,
and bow sock.

Riser is Bubinga. Limbs made of a Bamboo core that are Carbon Fiber backed with clear glass on the belly to show bamboo. 66" Custom Available.

Larry Hatfield holds the world flight records for the
American Longbow in the 50# and 35# weight classes
using a Martin Archery 66" Bamboo Viper. The Viper
also shot the new 50# broadhead flight record.


Draw Weight: 40# - 65#
Brace Height: 7" - 7.75"
Mass Weight: 1 lb. 7 oz.
AMO Length: 64"