The very latest in youth bow design. High performance and
light weight, the Tiger boasts a new, modern design for the
young archer who wants the latest in archery technology.
The T-Pro Single cam and parallel limbs insure a fast, shock
free shot. The enclosed sight window allows for either right
or left hand while capturing the arrow for easy and safer
shooting. The Tiger offers a 10# - 20# draw weight and is
designed to shoot, without adjustment, at 14” - 24” draw
length. Created for the young archer who deserves the best! Available in Black or Camo.

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Features and Specs:
• The newest technology packed into a youth bow
• Parallel limb design
• Tiger Sight fully adjustable
• Smooth Shooting T-Pro Single Cam
• T-Pro Cam is spaced to eliminate the cable guard.
• Available in Black or Camo.
• Weight 10 to 20#
• Draw Length: 14” to 22”
• Available in Target Kit

 Tiger Youth Bow TV Spot Martin Tiger TV Spot

XR Recurve
This 46” bow easily converts from right to left hand. Full sight window and elevated rest for easier shooting. Comes with bowstring.

Draw weight 10# - 20#.

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HedgeHog Compound and Recurve Kits
The HedgeHog Compound and HedgeHog Longbow models offer a safe and easy way to introduce archery to your young ones! Start them off right in a sport that is fun for the whole family! The HedgeHog Compound allows 21”-23” of draw length and a full 10# of draw weight. The HedgeHog Longbow can be drawn to draw lengths between 14” and 21”. It’s draw weights extend from 5# to 15# depending on draw length. The standard kit includes 2 Fiberglass Arrows, Quiver, ArmGuard, Tab, and a Target. The Deluxe Kit upgrades to a Deluxe Armguard and 3 Wooden Arrows.