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If you are looking for value in a traditional bow that has a reputation for American Made quality, look no further. The 60” X-200 is ideally suited for both recreational shooters and serious hunters alike. Ample limb length allows for a smooth draw, and reinforced limb tips permit the use of any low-stretch bowstring material. The X-200 has generous brace height for added forgiveness and accuracy, making it a true joy to shoot! Includes owner’s manual, Traditional Rest, and Bowstring.

Riser and Limb Materials
Riser made of solid Shedua. Limbs made of Eastern Hard Maple laminations and black fiberglass.

Technical Specifications
Draw Weight: 25# - 55#
Brace Height: 7.75” - 8”
Mass Weight: 1 lb. 12 oz.
AMO Length: 60”

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