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Short and quick. The Mamba reflects many years of tradition, refined into one of today’s most popular hunting models. This bow's short 58” length stores a great amount of energy quickly, and is especially suited for archers with draw lengths up to 28”.
Maneuverable and lightweight, this bow is as easy to carry as it
is to look at! Includes owner’s manual, Traditional Rest, Flemish
Bowstring and Bowstringer.

Riser and Limb Materials
Riser woods are Bubinga with an outlined Shedua stripe down the center. Limbs made of Eastern Hard Maple laminations and black
fiberglass, with Bubinga and black fiberglass overlays.

Technical Specifications
Draw Weight: 40# - 65#
Brace Height: 7” - 7.75”
Mass Weight: 1 lb. 14 oz.
AMO Length: 58”

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