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This little bow delivers big performance!

Many archers struggle to find a bow that will fit a shorter draw length. Getting a bow to fit is just the start, getting decent performance is a whole different story. The Leopard is our answer to this increasingly common problem.

The 2011 Leopard features a whole new riser design, with a slim, narrow grip for reduced riser torque. The new Saddleback Thermal grip is the most comfortable grip you’ll ever hold. Other features such as the innovative TRG and new PowerTough Limbs make the Leopard the best built bow in its class.

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Acu-Trak Cam - Smooth, Quiet, No Vibration
HammerHead Bowstrings
  No Stretch or Peep Rotation - BCY Trophy
PowerTough Limbs - Durable & Accurate
CNC Machined Solid Block Aluminum Riser
Saddleback Thermal Grip
VEM Vibration Vortex
Roto Cup Pivoting Limb System
Quick-Lock Stabilizer Mount
  With Integrated Quick Disconnect System
Silent Hunter Arrow Shelf
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Leopard - Acu-Trak 1.5
Speed 282-287 FPS (50#, 26”, 250 gr.)
Let-Off 80% (adjustable)
Draw Weight 40#, 50#, 60#
Draw Length 23” to 27”
Brace Height 7.1” *
Weight 3.35 lbs.
Axle Length 30” *
* Approximate

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