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Shorter draw lengths should enjoy top performance. That’s the idea that
pushed our development of the all new Crossfire. With a shorter 30”
length and our new CAT 1.5 Hybrid Cams system, we are now able to
offer some pretty incredible arrow speed potential to those archers
that fit the 24”- 27” draw range.

Our all new CAT 1.5 Cams deliver the performance you expect from a
genuine hybrid cam design. And don’t let their speed fool you…these are the same cams you will find on our top end target bow. Very smooth to draw with no recoil or vibration. A brace height of 7” provides the perfect compromise for maintaining control and accuracy while providing the greatest benefit to power stroke and arrow speed. Standard features include an STS string dampener, a CCS Cable Containment System, Dakota Strings and more. You can even upgrade the finish with our Cloak Package. For either hunting or 3-D, the Crossfire is built to keep you in the game.


Speed: 285-290 FPS (70#, 27”, 350 gr.)
Let-Off: 80% (adjustable)
Draw Weights: 40#, 50#, 60#, 70#
Draw Lengths: 24” to 27”
Brace Height: 7”
Weight: 3.4 lbs.
Axle Length: 30”


• New Quick and Versatile CAT 1.5 Cams
• Pivoting ROTO Cup System
• Official STS Shock Terminator Suppressor
• Martin CCS Cable Containment System
• Integrated VEM Module, Grip, and Shelf
  Dampening Package
• Dakota Bowstrings by Stone Mountain
• Super Lightweight
• Short and Maneuverable
• Thermal V Leather Backed Grip
• 4X Laminated CoreFlex Limbs
• Parallel Limb Design for Recoil and
  Vibration Free Performance