Compound Bows

Five decades of engineering and ingenuity allows us to offer more unique features and benefits. Patented Vibration Escape Modules, Double-Helix Bowstrings, Teflon-Plated Cable Guards, Core-Flex limbs... the list just goes on. No other company can offer you the experience and archery know-how that Martin Archery can.




Cutting edge design backed
with technical expertise.

Martin Pro series bows are sold exclusively through a limited number of authorized archery pro shops.

Wart Hog | Firehawk | Firecat | MOAB | Scepter



Demand value, and get it from this outstanding line-up of performance bows. No matter what your season, we've got you covered.

Martin Gold series bows are available through a variety of retail sources for your convenience.

Bengal | Cheetah | Leopard | Mystic | Saber


CAM Systems


C.A.T. Hybrid Duo Cam

Cam Actuated Timing is pure engineering brilliance. C.A.T. Hybrid Duo Cams are “chained” together keeping them in sync at all times. The exciting new cam system is so efficient we are producing arrow speeds like never before. An adjustable draw stop can be utilized to fine tune draw length as well as let-off.


M2-Pro Single Cam

Engineered for a smooth, recoil-free shot with top performance. The M2 Cam offers modular draw length adjustment, ball bearings, and an adjustable draw stop for tuning draw length and feel. String grooves are designed to maximize the life of your string harness. The M2 Cam and Idler Wheel are designed to provide flat and level nock travel for easy tuning and excellent accuracy.


Furious Dual Cam

The best performing two-cam system ever developed. Furious cams come in two different sizes, ensuring maximum performance at every possible draw length. With a simple mod change the Furious can be converted to the Furious X Dual-Cam.